Got to Novosibirsk after the 23 hour journey from Yekaterinburg, which seemed surprisingly short, mainly due to the company on the train and getting some decent sleep.

Was gutted to see it was cold and pouring with torrential rain outside, so had to scrap my plan of getting a train to the Ob Sea. Was hard to believe I saw it was 37C on the weather forecast last week! This was my second visit to Novosibirsk, as had previously been last year in the middle of winter. It was never the most interesting of places then when I visited on a 16 hour layover on a flight to Vladivostok then, and in the terrible weather it didn’t make it easier. Had previously wanted to go to nearby Tomsk alternatively but the train times in my timescale wouldn’t allow it unfortunately.

Wandered to the deserted river embankment and to Lenin Square in the centre to see the Soviet statues in front of the opera house (the largest in Russia), and got completely soaked. There was so much rain the roads around the main square had turned into rivers, and crossing the road meant having to walk through 10cm of water.

Went to get something to eat and tried to dry off slightly before briefly stopping at the Chapel of St. Nicholas which was built on the site of the geographical centre of the USSR. Walked around a bit more seeing nothing much of interest apart from the closed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Ascension which was beautiful, and importantly, dry inside!

Had a bit more of a wander and something to eat before heading to the station for the 18:29 092 train to Krasnoyarsk, where I would thankfully have a base once again.

The train I got on was coming from Moscow and seemed quite old, and had the dreaded lack of rail on the
upper bunk to keep you from falling out. At least it’s a relatively short 12 and a half hour journey, so will just have to try not to roll off in my sleep!

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