I only had a short time in Irkutsk after staying an extra night on Olkhon. I checked in to Magic hostel just for the day so that I could use the shower, then went to explore the city.

It seemed to be quite an attractive city with lots of decorative wooden buildings everywhere, although a lot of them seemed to be falling apart.

I first got the number 4 tram to Kazan Cathedral which is a pretty pink and blue building with a beautiful garden. Inside was stunning with beautiful chandeliers, garlands of flowers everywhere and pretty decorations.

I followed part of the green line trail in the centre that is painted on the ground for tourists to follow and visited the Epiphany cathedral and another church next to it which were next to the river embankment, which had a lovely view across the city and river.

The main square with fountains was also very attractive with it’s flower arrangements. The centre is compact enough to be very walkable. It’s a shame I didn’t have a bit longer to spend in the city, although Baikal was definitely worth staying longer for.

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