For years I dreamed of travelling to many places around the world, and saw brilliant deals to get there, but couldn’t find anyone with either enough time or the money to afford it, so missed out on many opportunities.

After a while I got fed up and gained the confidence to just go it alone, and now I’ve travelled all over the world to most continents solo, and now feel like it’s far more of an adventure.  You have more freedom, can explore where you want, don’t get caught up wasting time doing things you don’t want to do and can meet more people when you put into situations where you have to find a way to survive without knowing the language, local area, etc.

This blog is about my travels, how I manage to find bargain deals to travel frequently, places to go, things to see and generally how to globe alone.

I’ve tried to set up this site in time for my Trans Siberian journey in a rush, so will make it look nicer and add more to it in the coming weeks.



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